Putting on Moving Billboards as above the line products

Moving billboards is a mean that can be implemented both ‘below the line’ as well as ‘above the line’. Euromobile Moving Billboards has mapped a number of fixed routes that cover the main roads for each en every city throughout the Netherlands. When implementing above the line campaigns, we advise the advertisers to book the route for at least 3 days to reach the best result possible.

Creative possibilities of mobile billboards

Besides the classic mobile billboards with the measures of 20 square meters, Euromobile has an increasing diversity of creative promotion vehicles to their disposal. Spectaculars for instant, give you the opportunity to present a blow-up of your product on one of our vehicles. Also promotion vehicles are at your disposal which are provided with a supply room for samples and/or flyers. Besides this, there are promotion vehicles available which contain refrigerations and freezers. These features make sure that the mobile billboards are an ideal promotion vehicle for the support of cooled sampling campaigns.

3D Stage Creative spacer Animation Stage spacer Moving Inflatables spacer Showroom
2m² Euro 360° Abri spacer 2m² Euro Bike spacer 2m² Euro Speed - Segway spacer 4m² Euro Tube
6m² Euro Freezer spacer 8m² Double 8 spacer 8m² Euro LED spacer 8m² Panorama Light
16m² Euro Sampler spacer 16m² Panorama Creative spacer 20m² Holex spacer 48m² Euro Wall

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