Abri campaign with moving billboards?

Euromobile® is the operator of moving billboards on ABRI-format. The covered model is the Euro360©. Besides these mobile Abri billboards, Euromobile also has a fleet of 180 vehicles in 18 different implementations to its disposal. All of this makes Euromobile® the biggest professional supplier of mobile billboards in the Netherlands.

Moving Abri Billboards ideal in urban environments

This moving Abri billboard is the ideal enclosure or replacement to a static Abri network. the compactness of the vehicle makes it ideal for an urban environment. It is perfect to fill up some ´empty spots´. The visuals are in most cases already included, this way no extra production costs are being made. A mean of communication excisable for the pedestrians. Also this billboard is equipped with a rotation mechanism which makes it possible for the ABRI to be shown from every angle.


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