Euromobile Moving Billboards

Written below is a great amount of technical terms that can be related to the promotional vehicles of Euromobile Moving Billboards. Press here to return to our homepage.

Above the line

Non differentiated ( same message for everyone) mass communication tool using traditional mass media such as TV, radio, posters, papers, magazines, etc. It is mostly used to create brand awareness whenever a new product is launched and to amplify the image of this product or service. Mobile billboards are part of this type of marketing.

Below the line

Campaigns to promote a certain product or service by means of promotional campaigns or direct marketing campaigns. A team of promoters is being put on to support a mobile billboard to approach the consumer directly and personally.


Billboards (advertisement-boards) are expressions of advertisement placed in public areas and therefore are called outdoor advertising. Billboards are a perfect medium for brand-building.

Billboard car

This billboard car combines the mobility of a car with the attraction value of a billboard.

Billboard bike

This small mobile billboard is attached to a bike, moped or scooter and is therefore most qualified to be situated in crowded shopping areas. The bicycle is able to quickly switch between locations and is able to spread the campaign message on different locations.

Outdoor advertisement

Outdoor advertisement is the general term of boards printed with a promotional message, placed on the municipal roads. The most outstanding outdoor advertisement are billboards and abriís.

Euro sampler

This moving Billboard is a combination of both a panoramic and a sampling vehicle.

It is foreseen with storage rooms which can be supplied with for instant flyers and samples. This combination makes this billboard ideal to combine above the line campaigns with below the line campaigns.

Euro Tube

Mobile billboard existing out of three vertical surfaces. It is small and therefor well qualified to be put on within the city center. To draw extra attention by night, the tubes are being enlightened from the inside out.


Method Euromobile uses to track and monitor campaigns from a distance.

Mobile billboard

A mobile billboard is a billboard placed on a vehicle. This way it is not home-loving and multiple locations can be visited. There are different forms mobile billboards. For more information, look at the models on the left side of this website.

Mobile advertising by means of bills and posters

traditional advertising by means of bills and posters is home-loving, mobile advertising is secured on vehicles and is therefore mobile.

Moving Billboard

This English term stands for billboards which are attached to vehicles that make them movable.


Out-of-home advertisement confronts the consumer with the promotional message at the moment they find themselves out-of-doors. This is a completely different form of advertising then advertising via print, television, radio or internet, for consumers are often confronted with these forms of advertisement at home. (Mobile) billboards are a good example of out-of-home advertisement.

Platform vehicle

Mobile billboard on which the platform of the vehicle can be decorated every way possible. The great advantage of these vehicles is the possibility of realizing 3 dimensional expressions.

Promo bike

a promo bike is bicycle to which a billboard is attached. Promo bikes are small and for this reason ideal to put in within the city center, which is not always possible to do with the bigger mobile billboards.

Promotional vehicle

A vehicle on which brands, products and/or services can be promoted. By advertising via promotional vehicles, the reach of the message being spread will increase.

Showroom car

This car with its built-in showroom can be put in on accurate selected locations. The car can be driven to locations with the highest concentration of people. This way the range and efficiency are always at its maximum. The showroom with its show case is to be furnished according to your wishes.


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